The volunteer coordinator for the  Plantation Field Horse Trials and CIC, Melissa Wright, can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or (301) 437-4927 cell phone.

Plantation Field CIC volunteer recognition program. Anyone who has volunteered at any of PFEE HTs From Oct. 2013 to the 2014 CIC and who works for a full day gets two cards which are put into a jar for a drawing on Sunday. The winner gets up to $1,000 to attend the 2015 Rolex Three Day Event.

For those who also volunteer for the Recognized Horse Trials, there will another drawing at each of them and the winners will each get a $100 gift certificate to Bit of Britain.

There are many volunteer opportunities through out the year associated with the Plantation Field Horse Trials.  Following are some of the areas in which volunteers are needed for each and every event:

Prior to the Event

  • Dressage Arena Setup
  • Cross Country Flagging
  • Stabling Assistant
  • Signage

On Dressage Day

  • Dressage Scribes
  • Dressage Runners
  • Bit Check
  • Dressage Warm-up Stewards
  • Scoring Assistants

On Cross Country and Stadium Day

  • Stadium Managers
  • Stadium Timers
  • Stadium Jump Crew
  • Stadium Scribes
  • Stadium Runners
  • Cross Country Timers
  • Cross Country Fence Judges
  • Cross Country Starters
  • Scoring Assistants

If you have an interest in volunteering, please register online and you will be contacted.

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CIC Contacts

GENERAL: 484-883-2917
ADVERTISERS: 302-559-9642
SPONSORS: 484-883-2917
VENDORS: 610-470-0664
COMPETITORS: 610-347-2024

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Plantation Field Horse Trials

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2014 Schedule

  • April 12- 13 Spring HT
  • May 10  May HT
  • May 11 Starter HT (unrecognized)
  • June 7  Recognized HT
  • June 8  Starter HT (unrecognized)
  • June 9 Schooling Day
  • July 9 Schooling Jumper Show (Tentative)
  • August 13 Schooling Jumper Show (Tentative)
  • Sep 19 - 21 Fall CIC
  • Nov 1 Starter HT

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