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When Steven Berkowitz, VMD, started attending three-day events as a treating veterinarian about 10 years ago, he’d find a quiet place for himself and his dog, and he’d read the Sunday newspaper or some magazines...

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Important Announcements for Competitors

Plantation Field Sign 2016

2016 Photo by Bambi Glaccum

We are in need of volunteers for the Plantation Field April Horse Trials.

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Route 82 will be closed on Saturday from 9 to 10 a.m. from Route 1 to the Unionville Circle for a charity run. Please use the Route 1 Toughkenamon Exit or the short cut through Longwood Gardens via Conservatory Rd to E. Doe Run Road.

Photos: Amy Dragoo - http://akdragoophoto.com

Video: Patrick Forestell - http://videosbypatrick.com


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