Plantation Field June STARTER Horse Trials
Unionville, Pennsylvania
Entry Status as of 06/01/2019 06:22 PM
Rider Name Horse Name Division Amount Due Missing Items Status
Adams-Cook, Anita I Call Tails NR $115.00   PENDING: payment not yet received
Adey, Kendra Cleandra FLF IH $0.00   Complete
Altman, Kristie Chelsea's Midterm IH $0.00   Complete
Altringer, Holly Lionwood Eyebright Belle ER $0.00   Complete
Atwell, Joy Eirnin Ryker NH $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Auckett-Stowe, Geneva Mansfield Park IR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Bednarczyk, Caroline Maximus ER $0.00   Complete
Bennett, Taylor Greatest Khan NR $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Bevers, Angi Amtrak BNR $0.00   Complete
Blauner, Peter Colin Lux NH $0.00   Complete
Blom, Anna Crescendo IR $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Brooke, Caroline H.H CountDsilver ER $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Buchanan, Maggie Wired Up BNH $0.00   Complete
Buchanan, Cindy Fabbey Abby BNH $0.00   Complete
Bucko, Martin Emerson NR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Byers, Gianna Wild But Classy BNH $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Cannon, Sydney Princess Fernanda IR $0.00   Complete
Cella, Cambria Peekaboo Bill IR $115.00   PENDING: payment not yet received
Chubb, Alison Last Diplomat NH $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Ciuffetelli, Eva Feather In My Cap NR $0.00   Complete
Clement, Samuel Devilish Tom TR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Cousins, Sally Santana TH $0.00   Complete
Cousins, Sally Ad Lib NH $0.00   Complete
Cousins, Sally Hagrid NH $0.00   Complete
Cracknell, Madeline Commanding Curve NR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Day, Phoebe Alpengeist BNR $140.00 •Signatures  •Coggins PENDING: payment not yet received
Depoe, Charlotte Suspended Moon BNR $0.00   Complete
Dilworth, Hali Quinlan BNH $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Dougherty, Nikki Andrew's Got Zip IH $0.00   Complete
Ebzery, Jessica Viva La Vista BNH $0.00   Complete
Ebzery, Jessica Excel Star Four Seasons BNH $0.00   Complete
Ebzery, Jessica A Star By Far BNH $90.00   PENDING: payment not yet received
Elbert, Karen Nevertheless BNH $0.00   Complete
Enochs, Ella Drop of Rubys IR $95.00   PENDING: payment not yet received
Evans, Olivia Pistol BNR $0.00   Complete
Fenstermacher, Dawn Rusty Charlie BNR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Ferguson, Matt Form the Posse IH $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Fiss, Monica Don't Blink NH $0.00   Complete
Flynn, Lisa Giovanni BNH $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Fordyce, Hilary Where is The Risk BNH $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Fortier, Anna Catch A Star NR $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Gaebel, Cherie Something Different NH $0.00   Complete
Gallagher, Morgan Argo IH $0.00   Complete
Geczy, Claudia Belmont IR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Graham-Vannais, Dory Conrad  IH $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Grassie Fay, Maisy Consilience NH $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Gudger, Josey Lookin Around NH $0.00   Complete
Guimond, Beau Ash TH $0.00   Complete
Hahn, Cady Super Star ER $0.00   Complete
Hamilton, Alex Zealectric ER $0.00   Complete
Healy, Kerri Pinazola TH $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Heard, Lillian Chilly NH $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Hillman, June Jd Superstar  BNH $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Hineman, Kelsey  Eli MWF ER $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Horwith, Allison Take the Stage NH $25.00   PENDING: payment not yet received
Ireland, Christen Oscar NH $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Ireland, Christen Byron BNH $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Jennings, Jane On Point NH $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Jimenez, Emma Ivory's Crystal Slipper IR $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Jones, Kacie Even Exchange  IR $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Jonsdottir, Alicia Sundancer ER $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Kaplan , Becca Dutch  BNR $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Keane, Colette Charmsley Follee ER $25.00 •Coggins PENDING: payment not yet received
Kilgo-Kelly, Brian Duke of Waymore NH $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Klawitter, Ellen Jimmy Choo NH $140.00 •Signatures  •Coggins PENDING: payment not yet received
Klawitter, Ellen Fiery Challenge BNH $140.00 •Signatures  •Coggins PENDING: payment not yet received
Kogut, Katherine Golden Beach Bum TR $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Korrell, Gena Dance With the Devil BNR $0.00   Complete
Kundravi, Ashley Balouette IR $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
LaDow, Kristen Jardin FF EH $0.00   Complete
Lacek, Catherine Amazing Grace  ER $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Lane, Lisa Tuxedo NH $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Lapp, Andrew Coach BNR $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Lazor, Sarah Applaud the Master TR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Licup, Kym Amandare NR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Lintereur, Azaree High Expectations EH $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Lortie, Dana Springhill Midas Touch TR $0.00   Complete
Lustig, Maggie Duke BNR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Magrone, Gracie King Max BNR $0.00   Complete
Malm, Kathy Underbidder NH $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Mann, Mackenzie Dunta BNR $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
McCloy, Sarah Dynamic Image NR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
McCue, Morgan Indiantown Gap NH $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
McGrane, Jessica I'll Be Honest NH $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
McGuirk, Amelia Excel Star B NH $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
McGuirk, Amelia Excel Star Junograaf TH $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
McGuirk, Amelia Excel Star in Hindsight BNH $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
McIntyre, Brynne Unexpected Confidence IR $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
McIntyre , Kayley  Bringin The Heat NR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Meek, Nicole Cause I Can BNR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Meek, Mikayla East of Heaven NR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Mentrak, Katherine Come in Handy ER $0.00   Complete
Mink, Gail Trebuchet BNR $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Mitchell - Hulton, Avonlea Red and White NH $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Monahan, Amanda Felix Felicis TR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Moses, Hillary Cameron TH $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Moss, Samantha Wolf Pen Lane BNR $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Moyer, Jenny Azorean Connection BNH $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Moyer, Adrianna Little Debbie BNR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Najdanovic, Ava Arc Above IR $0.00   Complete
Newell, Gregory Twirler IR $0.00   Complete
Nock, Megan Breezy BNR $0.00   Complete
Norman , Madison Emma's Delite  BNR $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Norris, Ashley Zero N Hero NH $0.00   Complete
Norris, Ashley Nacho Macho Man BNH $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Norris, Ashley Good Gracie NH $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Ong, Hannah CMA Pop Tarrt NR $0.00   Complete
Ong, Hannah Pirate Captain IH $0.00 •Coggins Incomplete
Pappler, Megan Private Show TR $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Parker, Hillary Built In Bling TH $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Parkes, Caitlin Joker EH $0.00   Complete
Pastuck, Alayna Azul TH $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Pifer, Julie HRH Judgemental BNH $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Plumb, Cassie Lifelong Dreamer BNH $0.00   Complete
Pragg, Lisa Impeccable BNR $0.00   Complete
Rhodes, Lila Edvard Painted Hooves IR $0.00   Complete
Rice, Raquel Lady Katherine IH $0.00   Complete
Richardson, Dean Acorn NR $0.00   Complete
Richardson, Laura Wellington BNR $0.00   Complete
Rubin, Karen Pax IH $0.00   Complete
Salvitti, Lauren The Roan Ranger BNR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Schindler, Sophia Koda BNH $0.00   Complete
Schlingmann , Karen Northern Bella  BNH $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Silliman, Caitlin Flower BNH $25.00 •Signatures  •Coggins PENDING: payment not yet received
Simmons, Hannah Flamenca MS NH $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Skala, Lisa Eric NH $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Skala, Lisa Forthcommons Cool Boy BNH $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Snavely, Laura The Platnium Zippo IH $0.00   Complete
Somers, Conrad  Get Away Money BNR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Somers, Elizabeth Paris IR $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Somers, Conrad  Illustration NR $0.00 •Signatures  •Coggins Incomplete
Spear, Chelsea Legend of Toro IR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Stephenson, Elle Swan By The Road BNR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Strobel, Cassie Ozymandias BNR $0.00   Complete
Stubenberg, Melissa American Ride BNH $0.00   Complete
Suarez, Ginny May Day Cash BNH $0.00   Complete
Tallent, Melanie Dunlin NR $0.00   Complete
Toler, Alexandra Chance Encounter BNR $115.00   PENDING: payment not yet received
Tresselt, Margaret Paint By Numbers IR $0.00   Complete
Tunney, Jocelyn The Caped Crusader ER $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Verille, Isabel Midnight Star BNR $115.00 •Signatures PENDING: payment not yet received
Warren, Emily Cooper IR $0.00   Complete
Weaver, Robyn Finola NH $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Weaver, Elizabeth Dubby BNH $0.00   Complete
Weber, Gabrielle Platinum Sandy IH $0.00   Complete
Wenner, Christine Guinness BNH $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Wenner, Rebecca Undisputed Champ BNR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Whipp, Kelly Boiling Point  IH $0.00   Complete
Wilcox, Rebecca Cock a Doodle Doo NH $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete
Wilson, Sydney Nothing But Malarky BNR $25.00   PENDING: payment not yet received
Wren, Brooke WS Penelope BNH $0.00   Complete
Wren, Brooke Don't Fly Mad EH $0.00 •Coggins Incomplete
Yanney, Anna Megamillon BNR $0.00 •Signatures Incomplete